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The Details on Wedding Day Detail Shots | San Luis Obispo Wedding Photography

What are Wedding Detail Shots?

You are likely meeting with many photographers, and in your initial consult, they may ask you what is essential for them to capture. I typically walk through each portion and ask clients on a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it? One of those topics are wedding day details!

We aren't just talking about your table setups at reception, ceremony setup, or signage. Wedding Photographers are excellent at spotting the details you've chosen throughout the day and capturing them as it presents themselves. We are discussing sentimental items: invitation suites, vows, heirloom jewelry, gifts, and more.

Why? As the day unfolds and we document the moments throughout the day, this gives us a unique opportunity to document the intricate details of these moments.

Wedding Photographer placing wedding day details for documentation

What to Include in your Wedding Day Details Bag

So what do you include? My first suggestion is to gather each of these items in one location. A small canvas bag works excellently; keep it next to your wedding dress and veil as you unpack in your bridal suite.

Below you will find the list I send to all my brides in their Wedding Guide:

  • Bride and Groom Rings - This includes Engagement rings and Wedding Bands. NOTE: These should always be with the bridal details. I always walk the rings over to where they need to go after the details are complete.

  • Sentimental Ring Box or I bring my own to style with.

  • Personal Vow books

  • Invitation Suite - This was your guest's first look into your wedding day; it should be the first glimpse into your wedding gallery. Complete with envelope, stamps, RSVP cards, etc.

  • Any custom personalized printed smaller items like napkins, stir sticks, etc.

  • Floral Trimmings - Ask your florist for any broken stem pieces for details. We love showcasing their art within these flat-lay displays; they will love it too!

  • Heirloom items - Are you keeping to tradition? Something Blue, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. Let us capture each of these before they come into play as you put them on.

  • The perfume you plan to wear that day.

  • Wedding Shoes

  • Wedding Dress on a personalized hanger, if you have it. If not, I always carry wooden hangers and a 3M hook to hang your dress.

  • Wedding Veil

  • Accessories like any jewelry, garter, hairpieces, napkins etc.,

Now for the groom! You can keep all these items together in one bag, and we walk it back to the groom (works well if you are getting ready in the exact location but in different suites.) Another option is having a second smaller bag of just groom details. Typically a second photographer will cover these items, with the lead photographer covering a majority of the items.

Groom Details:

  • Cologne

  • Tie or Bow-tie

  • Shoes

  • Custom/ Fun Socks

  • Boutineer

  • Watch or cufflinks he is wearing that day

  • His Vows

  • Any heirloom items

Wedding Day Timeline Tip for Wedding Details

It is helpful to know if detail shots are important to you ahead of time and prepare accordingly.

As you build your photography timeline, you will want to include time for this to be captured. I suggest about 30 minutes for details, and I usually align this while the bride starts her hair and makeup. It allows me to complete those details and keep an eye on those candid moments while you get ready.

Having all your details organized and together makes it incredibly efficient and quick for your photographer to lay out these details. Beautiful wedding day details in an art! Many photographers bring an entire kit and mat to style these. Within my kit I bring chiffon ribbon, decorative scissors, ring boxes, wax seals, jewelry trays and more!

What are your thoughts? Do you love the creativity behind these Wedding Day Detail Flatlays?

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