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Fine Art Personality Portraits


The way their nose scrunch, the freckles, and the beauty in the rawness of childhood make these portraits unique and powerful. You can expect timeless portraits of your child in a minimalist fashion highlighting their unique personality.

How does it work?

I work directly with your child's school to bring a simple process when it comes to ordering school pictures. It's as easy as "1,2,3!"

Fill out the mandatory permission slip sent to your school and get your child portrait ready!


Ensure your child is present on Picture Day. There are no reschuled "make up" days. 


Watch for your child's private gallery sent directly to your email and order digitals and/or prints. 



What to Expect With



These are not your average school portraits, with unnecessary props and colorful backdrops that distract from your child's personality. These are 100% candid and reflect your child. I will ask your child to be silly, make faces, and get them to laugh. I will not force your child to participate or smile if they don't want to but will encourage them through simple games.

Each child will have a private gallery conveniently emailed to you with a minimum of 3-5 images in color and black and white. Some children may have larger galleries, and you will be provided with the option to purchase individual images and/or the entire gallery. 

I offer a wide range of products with competitive pricing that fits your families budget. 10% of all sales are donated back to your school. 

To keep things simple for the school, I handle all communication. If you have any questions, please click the contact button below.

Frequently Asked Questions


It's time to get ready for picture day!

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