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3 Things to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Ready to narrow down your search for a Wedding Photographer?

Congratulations on your engagement! But now the fun begins. You are likely right here in the process...

  • You've set your wedding date

  • You've booked your wedding venue

  • Now you are searching for a wedding photographer!

You want to remember a few things as you are looking for a wedding photographer and getting ready to book a few consultations; their style, approach, and energy. Don't worry I will break this down into detail.

If you thought I was going to say budget and availability, while those are important take a look at these things to keep in mind during your wedding photography consultations.

Artistic Style

Ask yourself, "Do I like their editing?" "What am I drawn to in their initial portfolio?" "Am I going to like this style in 10 years?"

Every photographer is different; you can put us all into the same room and situation; each of our perspectives and artistic eye will see that moment differently. It's proven; we do it all the time in styled shoots. Ask your potential photographer for a few of their recent galleries and see how they approach specific moments and the details of your day. Do you love their detail photographs or pictures of family and friends. Photography is an art and every photographer has a different perspective.

BONUS: Find what you like in their portfolio and share it with the photographer; it is important that we know what drew you to our work and ensure we stay true to it during your day. Your wedding day has nothing to do with your photographers portfolio and everything to do with what is important to you! This leads me to approach!


La Lomita Ranch Wedding Photographer | San Luis Obispo

Again, no two photographers are the same. Just as your story is unique to you, we are unique in our approach to how we tell your story. You might love that one style is more editorial. Every image looks like it came straight from a magazine. You may be more posed and placed into these moments and situations that help end in that result. Pick a photographer that reflects that.

Are they more photojournalistic or candid? These photographers may use a variation of posing when necessary or prompts to ease you into those candid moments. Or come from moments occurring naturally on a wedding day. Anticipating moments as they are about to happen and capture it.

BONUS: Book an engagement shoot with your photographer prior to booking your wedding. See how your experience was and if you felt like it was a great fit. This is really a great way to see how their approach and style flow together.

La Lomita Ranch Wedding Photographer | San Luis Obispo


"Ummm, Do you mean are they hyper?" Well, yes, kind of, but no!

What type of energy do you want to be brought into your day? Your photographer is alongside you for most of your day. Do you need a hype girl? Someone who is calming? Organized and punctual? Laid-back?

As you meet with potential photographers, this is going to be important. It is okay to have a few consults and decide what feels right, not just who is available. Conversations should just flow and feel effortless. Ultimately we all want to connect on the same level. You spend a large amount of time with your photographer on your wedding day, make comfort a priority. Don't hold back in your conversation. Your photographer may ask questions about you as a couple. It is important we get to know you, it helps your photographer tell your story as authentic as possible.

BONUS: Engaged Couples - Prepare for your Wedding Photography consult with a few fun facts of you as a couple. Make them silly or sentimental. I guarantee this will help your photographer understand you as a couple!

Finally, don't forget these few things:

  1. Ensure your photographer has a contract. This protects you and allows you to understand what you can expect from your photographer.

  2. Ask what are their turnaround times for their galleries. This will be stated in their contract, but what is their average.

  3. What is included in the your wedding packages and make sure you see at least two completed wedding galleries.


  1. Don't have a photographer draft a contact or invoice if you are still looking around. Use this statement, "We have a few things to look into and check off our list before we are ready to book; we will get back to you as soon as possible." Then just let your photographer know which direction you are going, regardless if you have decided to go with them or not!

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