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The River House in Ben Lomond, Santa Cruz Mountain Wedding

Tour this Santa Cruz Mountains Wedding Venue

The one where Tim and April get to celebrate their marriage - finally!

Like many couples the pandemic put a hold on a lot of celebrations. After getting married in 2021 in a quiet ceremony they held off for their reception until April 2022. Before we get into their incredible Ben Lomond reception at The River House, let's tell the story of how they met, because throughout their entire reception Tim and April walked us through their journey to this day.

Tim confided in a close friend in 2019 about his desire to meet someone special to spend his life with and later headed to a concert with an 80's cover band called the Careless Whisper. That evening little did he know he would meet the woman of his dreams. April had just settled in with her job and her son. She was confident and comfortable in the direction life was going as she also headed to see a band that night. It didn't take long for Tim to spot April. When you see the energy and connection they share it makes sense that they gravitated quickly to each other. Although April had no interest in a relationship after initially declining to share her information with Tim she had a change of heart and after a long Uber ride home talking on the phone, the rest was history.

In April 2021, Tim and April were supposed to get married in a hot air balloon, but weather canceled their plans and they married in a small ceremony at the Kendall Jackson winery and enjoyed their hot air balloon ride a few weeks later. That wasn't going to stop them from celebrating with the people they love the most, from all over the United States, and set a date for April 9, 2022 in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Live Band at The River House Wedding Venue- Ben Lomond, CA

Tim shared that they had some great things in store for their family and friends, but I believe he completely understated the entire evening. They planned the most sentimental and beautiful day and took their guests on a journey of their love story and weaved storytelling throughout the evening. Eventually announcing the band where it all started The Careless Whisper 80’s Band as they played through the entire evening. April and Tim danced the night away with family and friends from all over the United States and beyond. The energy that night was contagious.


Venue - The River House, Ben Lomond, CA

Band - Careless Whisper 80's Band

Beauty -Kala Ketchum Makeup and Hair

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