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Central Coast Family Summer Bucket List

Summer vacation is here and will be gone before we know it. I am always amazed at how fast it comes and goes. This year we asked our kids to help create an epic summer activity list and contribute to our Summer Bucket List. I am budget-friendly and appreciate the value of experiences, so we tried to be mindful of our choices.

Carpinteria Tide Pools on Summer vacation
Central Coast Summer Ideas

25 Budget-Friendly Summer Activities

  1. Water balloon fight

  2. Nerf War at the park

  3. Pool Day

  4. Bike ride on a trail

  5. Go to the Movie Theater

  6. Visit the Library

  7. Playdate with Friends

  8. Family Surf Day

  9. Go Hiking

  10. Go to a 4th of July Parage

  11. Visit the Skate Park

  12. Go Rollerblading

  13. Picnic with friends

  14. Sleepover

  15. Morning walk on the beach

  16. Shell Beach sunsets

  17. Build Something with Dad (or Mom!)

  18. Girls Day

  19. Dudes Day

  20. Go camping

  21. Sidewalk chalk art

  22. Stargazing

  23. Tide Pools

  24. Plant something green

  25. Visit Family

What else are we missing to make an epic summer? Major bonus if I can document these moments for a great summer photo album!


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