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How To Plan A Unique Photo Session | San Luis Obispo Photographer

Incorporating personality and character into your photo session is all about infusing your unique style and interests into every aspect of the shoot. By carefully planning, paying attention to details, and collaborating, you can create a photo session that not only captures your essence but also inspires others to do the same. Check out these tips and tricks on how to get started and take a look at the behind the lens insight to this fun couples session.

Planning A Unique Pinterest Worthy Photo Session

I get it, you scroll Pinterest and are looking for something different that stands out and truly showcases you as a couple or a family. Whether you're planning a photoshoot for personal memories or aiming to create content that stands out on social media platforms like Pinterest, infusing personality and character into your session is key. Here are some tips and ideas to help you plan a photo session that's not just picture-perfect but also Pinterest-worthy:

  1. Define Your Vision - I love referencing a Pinterest board to get an overall idea of the goal but not allowing it to take over the entire photography session. Sometimes, a client will say, "I just envision a running through a field." Giving me a feeling and vision of how to proceed through the planning process and, ultimately, how to approach the session.

  2. Location Matters - Choosing the right location is essential. Look for places that reflect your personality and style. The location and light sets the backdrop for your photos and can tell a story of its own. With the featured session, I knew I didn't want a background that competed with the client's personal props. Lighting is also a factor and goes hand in hand with location.

  3. Natural Lighting - Opt for natural light whenever possible. Early morning or late afternoon often provides the best, softest lighting for photos. Kevin knew he wanted to turn the headlights on, so we knew starting later and shooting into Blue Hour would add more character. Shooting later meant avoiding large shaded areas.

  4. Wardrobe and Props - Your clothing and props should align with your style and vision. Experiment with textures, colors, and accessories that enhance your personality. For casual looks, add layers and accessories. I love that Kevin and Emily started the session with sunglasses and was authentic to the moment.

  5. Incorporate Personal Elements - To make your session truly unique, incorporate personal elements that reflect your life, hobbies, or interests. Whether it's a beloved book, a musical instrument, a pet, or a hobby-related prop, these personal touches will add depth and authenticity to your photos. Kevin and Emily brought their 86' Ford Bronco and even picked up McDonalds along the way to their session. Personal touches that brought out the simple things within their relationship.

  6. Candid Moments - While posed shots have their charm, don't shy away from candid moments. Capturing genuine smiles, laughter, or thoughtful expressions can bring out your true personality and make your photos more relatable. However, that means you have to allow for that to actually happen (Yes, I said it.) Opt-in for a longer, more interactive photography session. Include an activity or lean into the prompts photographers provide. Forgetting the camera is actually there is where the magic happens. I often support clients, begin a session with prompts, and ween off my suggestions.

Behind the Lens At This Featured Shoot

Newlyweds, Kevin and Emily, didn't miss the opportunity to capture another moment in their journey. They were married earlier this year but they were looking for a fun way to have some Fall Photos. Originally the plan was to just dress up for a spooky photoshoot, but it evolved naturally into a larger three part session. Kevin is an incredible photographer and videographer, so when he sent me his inspiration, I was happy to photograph it. But.. They completely surprised me with one element...

McDonalds Theme Photoshoot

Photographing people eating is always a fun experience. But Kevin and Emily were starving. So Emily fed Kevin fries while we drove to a beautiful open road in Nipomo where we knew Blue Hour would bring its beauty.

Kevin and Emily started just by feeding each other with just a few prompts from me. They laughed through it all and I was able to just move around and capture them.

Fall Couples Photoshoot

After they cleaned up their little snack break we got to capturing their new 86' Ford Bronco. I was stoked because this was a last minute change from the original plan. I was already dreaming of them snuggling on the tailgate and some romantic and playful photos. I love that they both wore coordinating nuetrals for the session. They started with their sunglasses on and as we moved into the session we set those aside to capture their connection while music was playing in the background.

Originally the sessions was meant to be a Halloween themed session featuring their take on the trending ghosts photos, we were able to get a lot more out of it thanks to their willingness to lean in and have fun. Stay tuned for the final part of their session.

If you would like to schedule a session with unique touches like this, reach out and let's start envisioning yours today!


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