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A Surprise Proposal in San Luis Obispo

In the initial inquiry, they sent me all the details! Everything from how they met, and the timeline leading up to this important moment. Immediately, I began painting the picture in my head of exactly how I wanted to approach this surprise proposal within an engagement photography session.

Soph told me that they are doing things a bit out of order. Dani and Soph already married on 2-22-2022, which was also a Tuesday, but they hadn't proposed to one another OR had professional pictures.

Soph had the entire weekend planned out and sent over a spreadsheet of the details (my kind of planner.) Now, when anyone EVER inquires about a proposal, I am always careful that I NEVER use the word proposal in all my correspondence ( i.e., contract, invoice, details). We kept our planning super-secret and organized.

Private Air BnB in San Luis Obispo

Now enter the location, we had incredible weather, and I drove deep into Edna Valley to the Fish House, an Air BnB in San Luis Obispo (LINKED HERE). The Fish House is exactly where they realized they were more than friends a year ago. From what they shared, they were the last ones to make the realization.

Immediately I was overwhelmed with all the places we were going to explore. As I met up with Soph and Dani, they were perfectly dressed in the items they wore on their wedding day. I love the pattern and detail they put into their unique outfits, and I think it complemented their personalities well.

This mini engagement session was on my bucket list—everything from the connection and energy that Soph and Dani share to the scenery, location, and mood. I could have continued to snap away and deliver hundreds of them, but it was time for an outfit change, and we made our way over to the surprise.

In just a few minutes, I would pose Soph and Dani back to back and have them close their eyes. I would ask them to breathe and take in this moment. Counting down, 3-2-1, they would turn around, and Soph would get down on one knee and propose to Dani as a dozen of their friends slowly came out from the barn holding signs, "Dani, will you marry me?" or "Dani, you WILL marry me?"

Soph and Dani's friends traveled from all over to join in the surprise, even as far as Chicago. I think Dani could barely believe what was happening. But then my favorite photo moment occurred. And this, more than any pose, is the energy and connection that Dani and Soph share. This is exactly what I watch for and love to capture.

Congrats, Dani and Soph! Thank you for sharing your authentic selves with me and trusting me to capture your most tender moments.


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