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Branding Photography vs. Professional Headshots | What's best for me?

Branding Photography for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

In today’s world more and more professionals are becoming entrepreneurs. Over 16% of the workforce is reportedly entrepreneurs and committed to staying self-employed. Whether it is to supplement income or to transition to full time, Entrepreneurship is on the rise and your online presence is important. Photography plays an important role in the way your business presents itself to potential clients. Branding photography is becoming more important to small businesses and makes a big impact in your social visibility and identity.

Branding Photography is not the same as Professional Headshots

Headshots are great to update your portfolio or about me page on a regular basis and represent you as an individual. Although many do this yearly, you should strive to update this a few times a year. Headshots are typically done in a studio, with a back drop, or outdoor location and consist of a single outfit and just a handful of portraits. Everyone should have a couple great headshots but branding photography takes your visual brand identity a step further.

Why you should consider Brand Photography Session

Brand Photography takes a simple portrait a step further and tells the story of your brand. Incorporating the personality, tone and overall brand story into

photography can make a huge difference in the way your ideal client sees and recognizes your brand increasing your like, know, and trust factor that consumers want to see.

Brand photography sessions are customized to fit your needs as a business and should always represent you. This also means they should be unique to you.

Ask yourself a few questions:

Are you using stock photography on your website? Does this set you apart from others within your industry? You might be missing a big opportunity to connect with your ideal client.

What is your most current professional portrait? Has it been a year or more? Our appearances change quickly and your professional headshot could evolve with you.

If you are interested in what a Brand Photography session looks like for you, send me an inquiry form to schedule a creative consultation on how branding photography can help you with your goals!


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